Wednesday, December 8, 2010

How to Steal an Election

(Reliable Election Results)

Let’s say you wanted a way to put fraudulent ballots into innumerable ballot boxes throughout a large county, or even an entire state, even while poll watchers are on duty, and while honest observers are present while the votes are processed at all steps, from the polling places to the data entry points at a secure location.

The ideal way to do this is the provisional ballot in the hands of sympathetic municipal union people.

Before telling how this trick is executed. I will explain the “provisional” ballot. To begin with, it is justified by saying, “A person should not be denied his right to vote just because he has recently changed domicile, or because, having recently come of age to vote, he has not yet registered.”

The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

Here’s how you steal an election in broad daylight.You have to start with a medium-sized, secure meeting space, well lighted, with ample tables and chairs, coffee machines, water coolers, and refrigerators (for lunch bags). The average union hall has many such spaces. You look over a list of members, consulting stewards as you go, and you select a reliable cadre of provisional ballot applicant signers. To each you issue a special badge.

You put a guard at the door of the meeting space to assure that only members with the badge can enter. You establish three teams: 1.Addressers: Those who put names, addresses, and voter numbers on the envelopes for the provisional ballots; 2. Signers: Those who sign the envelopes; 3. Stuffers: Those who stuff, preprinted ballots into the addressed, signed provisional ballot envelopes. The first day or so is for training: The cadre need instructions on addressing, signing and stuffing. With a team of about 60, you can kick out 10,000 provisional ballots in an eight-hour day. In ten days, you can produce 100,000 phony ballots.
The next step is to make sure the phony ballots are accepted and entered into the tally as legitimate votes.

Without voter registration numbers, Such an operation would be a slam dunk. Just accept all the provisional ballots, valid ones, and phony ones alike, then, since the phonys vastly outnumber valid ballots, the election will go the way stipulated by the union. The problem crops up when the database shows there is no voter corresponding to the registration number. At that point, the data entry operator should reject the ballot and set it aside for destruction. However, since the data entry operator is a member of the union, the ballot is set aside as valid. Problem solved.